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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Learning English - Any Time Anywhere

Hi, this is Teacher Fred. I'm sitting here in a cafe. My name is Fred and I'm an English teacher.

I wanted to give you some ideas about how to study English, because I am also a language learner. I study Vietnamese.

I live here in Vietnam, and I always carry my dictionary with me. See? It's nice and small; I can put it in my pocket. This way, I can learn some new vocabulary words anywhere I go.

I'm sitting here in a cafe, just relaxing, but I can use this time to learn a few new words. So I don't just waste the time sitting here in a cafe.

Here in this cafe, around lunchtime, they show movies, up here on the TV. (Here, show them the TV.) See, on the screen, the Vietnamese words? You see, they play music in the cafe but on the TV they have a movie playing with Vietnamese sentences. [The sentences are called 'subtitles.']

So I can watch the movie, relax and drink coffee, and read some Vietnamese sentences. And then, when I see a word that I don't know and I want to look it up, I can look it up in my handy dictionary- and I learn some new words!

So I sit here in the cafe maybe 30 minutes, maybe 45 minutes, maybe one hour, and I can learn maybe 2, 3, 4, maybe 5 new words.

Okay, I hope this is a helpful suggestion for you, to show you how you can learn English anytime, anywhere. Just carry a dictionary with you; it's all you need. Just a small dictionary, and you can be learning English.

Also, you can learn English with me on the internet. Give me a call on Skype, and we can study English together.

My website is: I hope to see you soon. My name's Fred, and that's all. Bye bye!