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Thursday, April 23, 2009

English Vocabulary - Three Extreme Adjectives

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I'm standing here outside of a grocery store, a supermarket. My wife went in to buy some things; I'm out here watching the motorbike.

It's REALLY hot today! Really hot.

Another way to say it's really hot would be to say, "It's BOILING!"

"Oh my god, it's so hot- it's boiling!"

Sometimes people use extreme adjectives when they want to say something really strong. Like instead of saying, "I'm really tired," I would say, "Oh, I'm EXHAUSTED!"

"I'm exhausted!" It's an extreme adjective.

Another extreme adjective would be, if I'm really hungry, I might say, "I'm so hungry- I'm STARVING!" I'm starving!

The word, "to starve", it's a verb: "to starve." It means "to die from not having enough food."

It's not really true that I'm going to die, but I just want to say something really strong.

"It's BOILING hot!"

Those are extreme adjectives.

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